Psychedelics: New Hope in Addiction Treatment?

In honor of May, Mental Health Awareness Month, I would like to turn your attention to some new research on how psychedelic drugs can change certain parts of your brain enough to stop addictive urges. For the whole story please go watch this new episode of ‘Breakthrough’ on the National Geographic Channel.

psilosyben mushroomsAccording to this program, highly regulated experiences with the correct amount of LSD, psilcyben mushrooms, and other psychodelic drugs can alleviate the need for difficult withdrawal from drugs like nicotine and heroin, both of which have been proven to be equally as addictive. Who knew? Now here’s something the government didn’t want you to know! Go watch! It’s amazing. Most have to go to other countries like Mexico to specific clinics to access these treatments.

heroin use increases by groupsIn the highly studied field of addiction and the brain, certain psychedelic drugs have been found to reset the addictive patterns in your brain, assisting the patient in avoiding painful withdrawal altogether, and relieve them of most of their urges to shoot up and smoke ever again. At a time when heroin-related overdose deaths have more than quadrupled since 2010 in the U.S. alone, and cigarettes continue to kill millions of Americans, shouldn’t this information be available to those who need it most? The heroin addict in this video had been using for seven years and knew he would not survive much longer without extreme measures, so he decided to travel to Mexico to save his own life.

A large part of this type of research includes the question: Can we truly change as we age? 

how we changeI have learned from the past ten years of my own life that our brains are AMAZING in their abilities to adapt and change! First through a new marriage at age 50, then a serious brain injury at 53, and by moving to a rural area at 60, after decades of city life, I have experienced a complete brain reset. Yes, I did have quite a bit of withdrawal and definitely some discomfort as I went through these changes, but I would say now, change is possible and even highly recommended as we age.

4 thoughts on “Psychedelics: New Hope in Addiction Treatment?

  1. Not only is the brain amazing–in a positive way. It’s also amazing (and not in a good way) how resistant society and our culture is to seeing the positive in something that’s been tarred as bad bad bad. Reminds me of all the positive anecdotes about people being helped by marijuana (PTSD vets, for example) and yet there is such resistance to the concept. what’s going in the brains of those people?


    • Limited thinking is everywhere, and it certainly doesn’t help that our government has been so ridiculous on this topic…BTW I know many vets who have been helped (PTSD) with MJ.


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