A mid-summer trip to Pueblo


My favorite time here in the southern Colorado foothills is the morning. I wake up to such a marvelous array of natural sounds. I love to hear the birds greeting the new day.

IMGP6401Then I go out to my garden and appreciate it all!


Yesterday we took a trip up to Pueblo to visit a farm east of there to buy fresh produce. I love buying  directly from the farmers and the prices are quite good!


Then we drove into Pueblo to visit Yang’s Gifts in the Pueblo Mall. Why? Because I won a FREE gift from there! What fun going through the store choosing something just for me and for free! I love this store, but then I have always appreciated jewelry, fans, and beautiful clothes from Asia.

One thing Mike and I now disagree on. I enjoy occasionally driving into Pueblo or Trinidad to shop. He gets quiet in the city and his joy level visibly increases when we leave town.

cropped-sangre-de-cristos-in-spring1.jpgHe gets happier and happier as we get closer to home.

4 thoughts on “A mid-summer trip to Pueblo

    • Welcome to my website “Still the Lucky Few” Love your name and I do feel so lucky to have found my best place in the world by age 60. Cities just don’t work for me anymore. Cacophony is right! I’ll take the quiet, dreamy world any day….


  1. I enjoyed reading your post and loved the photos, too. I followed a link from the blog: Sightings Over Sixty. Is there a way that I can subscribe to your blog? Will checking the box “notify me of new posts via email” work?


    • Welcome Susan and thanks for coming by! Photography is my new love, and living here really helps! I try to not bother readers with all sorts of distractions and ads on my blog. Just check that “new posts” box and you will only hear from me when I’ve written something new. Also, please feel free to e-mail me if you would like to buy one of my books or just to talk: MidlifeCrisisQueen@gmail.com Cheers, Laura Lee


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