Back to reality, strange as it is…

everyone seems normal until youThis is your brain on drugs, prescription drugs… After a few days of very strange brain sensations and a few wild hallucinations (both visual and auditory!), I’m finally starting to feel ‘normal.’ I’ve been struggling with the extreme brain craziness of withdrawal from Paxil, which I really cannot recommend to anyone!

Interesting how doctors don’t tell you about this ahead of time. I couldn’t have imaged anything like this from simply stopping a pill…Post Script: 30 days later feeling much better, but I had to fire my doctor over this one.


Then yesterday I went out into my garden and found the stupid deer or rabbits had chomped off two of the plants I’ve been carefully nurturing all summer. GRRRR… but my garden has mostly just been taken over by SUNFLOWERS EVERYWHERE! Funny how the deer don’t like them…


We are experiencing the total invasion of three foot sunflowers everywhere here at the Navajo Ranch in southern Colorado!

Poppy field in Oz

Sometimes it feels just like that scene from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ where they find themselves surrounded by poppies!

I had so much FUN meeting a few new women at a friend’s party yesterday. Most of them live in La Veta, so I got an earful of stories and anecdotes about living there. I love La Veta, and I’m so glad it is nearby, but I have never wished that I live there.


I figure if we came this far to get away from the noise, traffic, pollution, and problems of other people, why move in right next to them?

8 thoughts on “Back to reality, strange as it is…

  1. I hope you’re doing better. It’s kind of scary the things doctors don’t tell us, plus many of us think prescription meds are different from “being on drugs!” Your sunflowers are gorgeous!


  2. This is why I positively hate the drug companies…they push these pills and don’t tell you how it will affect you while you are taking it and how it will affect you trying to get off…hope you are feeling better my friend…and those flowers are beautiful and should make you feel better by just looking at them..


  3. Absolutely love the sunflowers! I used to have sunflowers in my front yard, all volunteers and was actually known as the house with the sunflowers. Then when I tried planting them of course they never came up!
    Did you titrate down? As a former drug rep that is what your doc should have told you. Take ¾ pill for a couple of days than ½ pill for a couple of days then ¼ for a few days than evaluate how you feel and keep ¼ pill on and off for a day or 2 and then off if you feel well. I am sorry you had to go through this.


  4. Oh, my goodness! My doctor prescribed a ‘mild’ anti-anxiety pill when I was directing a rather stressful play. I had never been on anything and, the day the play closed, I stopped taking the meds. Yow! I was flying high for a month! Dizzy. Disoriented. Didn’t hallucinate, but sure lived in another dimension! And I love your sunflowers! (I always thought it quite apropos that Dorothy et al fell asleep in a field of POPPIES! 😉 )


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