Childhood Stars, Crazy Ideals and who did you want to be when you grew up?

We just recently got access to a new channel on DirectTV, MeTV. They show old programs from the 1950s and 60s including classic TV characters from my youth. Watching these old shows reminded me that the only TV character that I ever idealized and wanted to be just like was Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke. It ran for 20 seasons from 1955 to 1975! In retrospect I find it down right crazy that I wanted to be a saloon proprietress. Come to think of it, she was probably also the Madam of the Long Branch brothel upstairs, but nobody talked about things like that back then.

Amanda_Blake Miss Kitty on GunsmokeWhen we were kids it was not uncommon to join “fan clubs” for the stars on TV. The only one I ever joined was for Amanda Blake. I even sent away for a signed photo of her, dressed up like Miss Kitty. I still have it! It says: “Best Wishes Laura” on it. So much food for thought for the feminist I turned out to be. But, then, on second thought, I did choose a professional woman to romanticize. She seemed to own her own shop and not depend on any man for her income. Sure she seemed to be sweet on Matt Dillon, but there was no hanky panky going on there. I guess he had to pay like any other customer… See how confusing childhood dreams can be? Still she was a beautiful woman working in a man’s world, and she championed the cause of animals her whole life. It couldn’t have been easy.

The first career I ever considered was acting, something my college professor Dad would have never approved of. How I got from there to academic librarian is a mystery to me! But I still enjoy watching Miss Kitty and remembering the simple, innocent dreams of a ten year old so many years ago.

Who did you want to be when you grew up and how did that work out?

8 thoughts on “Childhood Stars, Crazy Ideals and who did you want to be when you grew up?

  1. I wanted to be a veterinarian. But my school counselor told me I didn’t have the brains. And I believed him! Me! Who had just won the medal for outstanding achievement in Language Arts!
    But his dismissal made me rethink and I decided on a career writing. I’ve never regretted a moment of it.
    But a question remains: Do I thank him for being so dismissive of me?

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  2. Hey Diane! I also tried out being a vet in 9th grade. I volunteered with a veterinarian, but as soon as the blood started flowing I was out of there! I love animals but hate surgery. These days I appreciate everyone, even the mean ones, for making me what I am today, especially that nasty boss at Regis University Libraries who “forced” me to leave one crappy job behind, and begin my new life as one happy person!!! 🙂

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  3. I wanted to be Lois Lane so badly, getting scoops for the Daily Planet. A strong career woman (keeping in mind that I grew up in the 50’s – how many role models did we have?) And, so what if there was danger and if she always had to wear a skirt and high heels. My career ended up in a totally different field, one where neither high heels nor skirts were required..

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  4. For a short time, I wanted to be a marine biologist and a Playboy bunny but really wanted to be an actor. I stuck it out and have worked as a voice actor for over 35 years. Funny about Miss Kitty. For sure she was in charge of the brothel and probably was making a great living doing it. You go girl!

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