Anthony asked us: “Are you hopeful?”

I watched a marvelous one hour special last night called: “Remembering Anthony Bourdain” on CNN. Even if you have never watched any of his TV shows like “Parts Unknown,” you should at least find a way to watch this one hour video.

Anthony BourdainAnthony was a brilliant and amazingly creative man. He took journalism to a whole new level by caring about the people he chose to interview. And by doing that he attracted a whole new audience to “the news.”

During this video his friends and colleagues at CNN explain how younger Americans, who would never watch the news, watched Anthony because he took us to so many unusual places and introduced us to those who live there. Within that process he also included all sorts of philosophical tidbits, like his line,

“I looked in the mirror and I saw someone worth saving.”   —  Anthony Bourdain

His honesty about his own struggles with drugs and suicide are all a part of the tour with Anthony. He admits at one point, “I am certain of nothing.” as we all are if we are honest with ourselves.

But the question he loved to ask his interviewee was: “Are you hopeful?”

I was stunned when I heard his last loaded question…

5 thoughts on “Anthony asked us: “Are you hopeful?”

  1. Hi Laura Lee. I haven’t watched the special yet. I’m sure they will rerun it but I am deeply saddened by Tony’s passing. He was an amazing and insightful man and we watched his show regularly because of it. And yes, such an important question. It’s sad that it wasn’t enough to keep him going himself. ~Kathy


  2. I enjoyed his shows so much! I appreciated how he opened us up to different cultures and showed that we have more in common as human beings than differences. He embraced the world without fear and we need to see that.

    Mental illness is a hidden mystery. His suicide is tragic.

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