Our new house is finally looking like a home!

IMGP3259So nice to go up to see our new home this morning and find all of our lovely red Hurd windows and sliding doors installed, and the interior of the house all clean and neat. This dream is finally becoming a reality!

Stay tuned for pics of our beautiful steel roof!!!

We plan to have the outside of our home stuccoed in an adobe earth-tone, something I call dusty rose. I love the names of the stucco tones we’ve chosen. So far it’s between ‘solitude’ ‘daiquiri’ and ‘nirvana.’ We’re leaning towards nirvana of course!

IMGP3263Lee Adams is our builder. Thanks Lee for working so hard to bring this all together for us! Next comes the plumbing and the electrical… time to go buy that tub!

Click on photos for full-size views, and follow us on TWITTER!


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