Learning the nuts and bolts of home construction

IMGP3203During the last snow storm, we had a talk with our builder/contractor. Costs were out of control, so Mike decided to take over the contractor part of our job.

Now that the snow has finally stopped for a while, Mike is busy lining up an excavator for the septic system, someone to wire our house, and someone to do our stucco in the future. This involves lining up a few possibilities, showing them the job, and then taking bids.

Originally Mike wasn’t certain he was up to this job because of health concerns, but circumstances are now requiring special attention to all details.

Please note:    New home construction is so much more expensive today than EVER!    Be sure you have more money than you expect to spend before you even begin. The excellent price we received for our former home in suburban Fort Collins will not come close to covering the costs for constructing a smaller solar home here.

The advantage, of course, will be seen in much reduced utility costs from now on.

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