Next comes the insulation and drywall!

Although we already got the outside walls prepared for stucco when it warms up, most work now is on the inside. We just completed the electrical and media wiring and the plumbing.   Next comes the interior spray insulation and then drywall.

IMGP3387To get some idea of the layout of our house, you enter from the door on the left and are immediately in the great room with a kitchen, dining room and living room. The kitchen cabinets will be along the back wall seen here. The curved island will hold the kitchen sink and dishwasher. What a phenomenal view from there!  The east end of the house (seen here) will hold the master suite and office.

IMGP3385The west end holds two smaller bedrooms and a bath.

IMGP3399This picture gives you some sense of the view from the great room. It faces directly south and is all sliding doors and windows for maximum passive solar gain in the winter. There is a large overhang outside to keep out the sun in the warmer months.  The roof of that overhang is the correct angle to hold photo voltaic panels, providing enough electricity to completely power our new home.

View from our landAs you can see, we are high on a hill with only a few houses down below, and an unobstructed view of the Spanish Peaks, the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Mount Mestas. We own a couple acres below our house. No one can ever obstruct our view!

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