Reconnecting with nature

I see now that it is only by living in a suburban home for 60 years, that I can now see the difference in terms of connecting with nature.

Yes, I still live in a house, unlike my brother who lives outside all of the time, but in a place like this, nature cannot be ignored.

For example, in a passive solar home which is properly positioned to the sun, the solar heat is just now starting to edge into the south-facing windows.

Sleepy Rasta keeping warm in sept 2016Ask my pup Rasta. He loves the new sun on his dog bed. And yes, he does wear a jacket even in the summer, crazy pup.

IMGP4073Another example is the incredible sunsets we sometimes enjoy, like last evening.  At first I only noticed the nice light to the southeast of us.

IMGP4076It was still cloudy to the west, over Mount Mestas. IMGP4082Then I looked out a few minutes later to see this!

IMGP4080Now tell the truth, if this was happening right outside your door, could you really ignore it?

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5 thoughts on “Reconnecting with nature

  1. Hi Laura Lee! Definitely living outside of a city or large town is a GREAT way to reconnect with nature. I also find that going to a new location (even for a visit) can do the same thing. My husband and I spent August on the coast here in Southern California and walked the beach every single day. Just seeing the tides go in and out and watching the sunsets put us in touch with Mother Earth in a way we hadn’t before. Your new place looks spectacular and sometime soon I would love to come for a visit! 🙂 Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it will happen this month like I had hoped. But don’t give up! I will make it to Denver soon and hope to drop by! ~Kathy


  2. The best thing I ever did–other than marrying James–was leave the city and move to the country. I’m surrounded by deer, Black Buck Antelope, Texas Longhorns, wild turkeys and elk. I love to sit on the patio, feel the breeze and listen to the elk bugle, calling to their mate. Simply divine! Brenda


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