The Aspens are Golden This Time of Year!

IMGP4200I had just been up to Cripple Creek on Friday, so I knew the aspens would be perfect up at Cordova Pass yesterday. It’s south of here, off the Highway of Legends.

At 11,248 feet (3,428 m)), Cordova Pass lies on the western shoulder of the West Spanish Peak.  The drive up there was gorgeous and made so much better with the fact that so few people are ever on that road.

IMGP4211And when we got there… WOW!

IMGP4222I didn’t know this is also a wonderful place to view wildflowers in mid-June. We also stopped off in the tiny town of Cucharas (altitude 8,468 feet), and made a reservation at the Timbers for Mike’s upcoming birthday.

IMGP4226Then we came home to see the Broncos win again, observe another gorgeous sunset over the Spanish Peaks, and then a beauty of a lunar eclipse!

IMGP4227“I just want to live happily ever after every now and then…”  — Jimmy Buffet

the beauty of the earth

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3 thoughts on “The Aspens are Golden This Time of Year!

  1. You keep outdoing yourself with gorgeous photos. I do wonder about adjustment to the elevation, but maybe you’ve already conquered that. Stay well and happy!!


  2. Yes, I just have to pinch myself sometimes, I’m so glad I live here now!

    And Dellann, the elevation adjustment has not been bad because I lived forever at over 5,000 feet in northern Colorado, and then we lived at over 6,000 feet in Walsenburg for a year before we moved up to 7,000 feet here. There is some adjustment, but it hasn’t been too bad for us!


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