My insights into Cannabinoid (CBD) Oil

Cannabinoid (CBD) Oil is new to me. I talked to a few people in the past few months who thought that it helped them immensely with pain from sciatica, sleep issues, etc. It took me a lot of online research and thought to decide to buy some, partially because it is quite expensive and I wondered about issues of purity also.

For those of you new to this product, this oil is made from hemp with no THC in it. It is usually taken by a few drops under your tongue, and has no psychoactive ingredients. That is why it is legal in all states. The FDA has ruled it to be a dietary supplement. I didn’t buy it at a marijuana dispensary, just a natural foods store.

I bought a small bottle of That’s Natural CBD Oil with the ingredients of Hemp Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Peppermint Oil and 250mg Hemp CBD Oil. This stuff is guaranteed not to contain marijuana or to have psychoactive effects.

I started out with just a few drops under my tongue once or twice a day. At first the only real effect it had on me was I didn’t wake up as often at night. I took it for a few weeks and then stopped for a few days to see if I felt any different. I was surprised to learn how much those few drops were helping with both my mood and my ability to sleep more deeply. I can’t say it helped at all with my arthritis pain. Still stuck with Aleve there.

But I can recommend that the rest of you check this out. Here’s a few articles I found interesting:

Some history:

“Cannabis plants are exceptionally versatile. Both the seeds and cannabis oil were used for food in China as early as 6,000 BCE. Two thousand years later, in 4,000 BCE, there is evidence of textiles made from hemp in both China and Turkestan. The influence of the plant seems to have been global. In 850, the Vikings transported hemp rope and seeds to Iceland, and by the year 900, Arabs were learning techniques for making paper from hemp. By the year 1000 Italians were using ropes made of hemp on their sailing ships.

In contrast to today’s modern restrictions of growing cannabis, England’s King Henry VIII actually fined farmers if they do not raise hemp for industrial use. Less than one hundred years later, settlers in Jamestown, Virginia began growing hemp plants for hemp’s unusually strong fibers. Once the plant demonstrated its usefulness, it became illegal to NOT grow hemp in Virginia.

By 1850, cannabis was added to The U.S.Pharmacopeia, a respected compendium of Medicines and Dietary Supplements. At that time cannabis was used throughout United States as a medicine, easily purchased in pharmacies and general stores. This lasted until about 1915…


I’m a newcomer to rural southern Colorado.  After two years I decided to compile a short journal about the ups and downs of moving from a good-sized city to rural America to build a passive solar retirement home in the foothills:

A Memoir of Retirement: From Suburbia to Solar in Southern Colorado

Please share this information with your friends if they are considering similar life changes. Feel free to contact me directly to discuss any of these challenges, and to order your own signed copies of any of my books!  Cheers, Laura Lee  (email me:



9 thoughts on “My insights into Cannabinoid (CBD) Oil

  1. I bought a bottle of CBD oil at an event I was attending and tried it a few times. It tasted too much like pot to me. Maybe with the peppermint mixed in, it wouldn’t be that way. I ended up tossing it, but now am curious about it for a friend who has neuropathy. I wonder if it would help?


    • As with all dietary supplements, this product is not well-researched for quality. I would recommend doing more research into all of the versions available for sale. I’m sure some of them have very little CBD in them. Mine does not smell or taste like MJ at all. In fact is has no smell or taste but peppermint.


  2. I live in Washington State and have been using THC tincture to help me sleep. The incredible side effect is that all my aches and pains simply disappear! I know when it has worn off (when I wake in the morning) because they are all back. I don’t feel any mental side effects at all, just in my body. I take a half dose as well, because I don’t particularly want to get high, just relief. It works. I use a tincture called “Crash” from the MJ store. 🙂


  3. That is wonderful DJan! Yes, I was surprised at the mental effects. I was so surprised to find how much my hemp oil (with no THC) improves my mood and perspective on life. Sometimes I smoke a little MJ with the oil and that really improves my mood! There is research that says that MJ can improve the performance of pain killers like NSAIDs.


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