I’m beginning to dread a lot about Christmas…

Here we are, barely past Halloween, and here comes an onslaught of  “holiday” commercials! Yippee! Yes, they can be subtle at first, but they are there. Look closely. They creep on to our TV screens like ghosts and goblins sent to disturb our mellow post-Halloween days. Panic sets in.

It must be my age. Each year I face the “holidays” with increasing dismay instead of the previous joy. The “holidays” make me tense and uncomfortable. Instead of childhood visions of sugar plums from my ancient past, I now feel dread, pure and simple.

The advertising is ugly. It does me in… Is it the good old American hard-sell or the nauseatingly sweet, happy families advertising anything you need RIGHT NOW? We all know this is pure fiction!

Why do the Hallmark ads bring a wee tear to our eye? Because we know they aren’t real. They try to capture a life we wish we had instead of the one we live now. And don’t get me started with those male fantasy commercials, where he buys her that one special piece of jewelry so she’ll fall into his arms for a night of amazing sex, suggesting not too subtly she’s nice for a price.

I admit, when Mike and I first met, we had a lot of fun going out to buy our first tree together. We were so happy to have someone to share ANY holiday with. But now it all feels so crass to me. The “holidays” have turned into a gigantic embarrassment. This tradition has soured.

I swear if Jesus came back and saw what’s being done in his name, he would slit his wrists. It has really turned UGLY. Pushy people fighting over parking places at the mall, really? 

We decided to opt out years ago. Enough is enough!

Postscript: I first published this piece in 2009. It has only gotten worse since then!

10 thoughts on “I’m beginning to dread a lot about Christmas…

  1. I started dreading “the holidays” years ago. I’ve partially opted out. Two years ago, I didn’t even put up a tree. My son (late 20’s) keeps wishing we could get rid of the gift exchange – any joy in the holiday soured for him some years ago. Thank you for the inspiration; I’m writing my own post on this subject tomorrow.


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  3. For me I do enjoy this time of year because it is about making memories with my children and grandchildren. It is really the only time of year that we are all in the one place at the same time. I do agree though that retailers and media have turned it into a circus with families struggling to buy ‘the next best thing’ when they really can’t afford it. Time to get back to basics and realise what is really important.


  4. I nodded, I laughed, I frowned…
    We go away as a family and catch up with each other. That is our gift to our children and ourselves (mostly to us!) The experiences we have outnumber the rush to have everything perfect, to buy just the right gifts, the extended family dinners we don’t want to attend…
    The tree has not been put up in years and for a former Christmasholic, it feels fabulous. I watch people stressing out for the holidays and have no desire to join them.
    Thanks for a great post. Happy holidays in whatever form you celebrate!


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