What makes us who we are today?

I was struck the other day by this quote from Dr. Phillip McGraw. In my opinion, “Dr. Phil” is a wise man disguised as a TV personality.

“What I’m doing now is a culmination of everything I’ve ever done”

I have been in the midst of a “career” change for the past few years, since moving out into the Colorado countryside. I know, how can you change careers when you are already retired? But in some ways this change is more important to me than anything I did back when I was struggling to make a living.

That quote from Dr. Phil made me start thinking about the lifetime of influences that have brought me to this exact moment in time. I never gave much thought to the major influence my father has had on my interests until now. He has been an influential botanist, president of the National Association of Biology Teachers at one time, and author of some important books like “Trees and Shrubs of Colorado.” So, is that why I love living in nature and gardening at 7,000 feet with native plants now?

My Mom became a master of plant photography and Photoshop to assist my Dad in his book production. They together created “Common Southwestern Native Plants,” a lovely identification guide. Oh, maybe that is why I have recently decided to focus my future energies on photography.

The West Peak from the La Veta Public Library, 4/18/19

I believe we sometimes try to make our lives more complex than they really are. Look around you? What is influencing your world view right now? What is so close you almost don’t see it? Is that what you should turn your attention to right now, while you still can?

2 thoughts on “What makes us who we are today?

  1. Hi Laura Lee! Yes isn’t it interesting to realize how we have been influenced by our parents and other people through the years. I remember being humored by my mother’s gardening when I was younger. Guess what? I now LOVE to garden too and when I’m doing it I think of her. I also think of my dad and how I often thought he was being cheap when he wouldn’t buy me or my mom things that we absolutely thought we wanted. Now I have become at least as frugal and not only has it helped me “rightsize my life” but it gives me so much more freedom and peace of mind than I could have ever imagined. Thanks Dad! And thanks to you for reminding me that looking back and redefining ourselves can be so rewarding. ~Kathy


  2. HI Kathy and thanks so much for your interest in reading my blog! Sometimes I feel like I am so slow to figure out these things and I seem to figure them out on ever deeper levels as I age. My parents were also frugal and that is how they were able to retire in such a pleasant way. Looking ahead is important. I wish the kids today could see that. The sixties are here before we know it. Why not set it up for enjoyment and leisure instead of STRESS! –LLC


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