Hallelujah! My new book is finally out!

A Memoir of Retirement: From Suburbia to Solar in Southern Colorado!

The creation of this volume was no small accomplishment. First we packed up our entire life, moved to a small town in southern Colorado, built a brand new custom solar home in the country, moved twice in one year, and then finally felt sure we were in love with this new beautiful, silent place.

memoir of retirement 2016

The person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person doing it.

I’m the first to be AMAZED that this all happened, and to me. So many weeks and months of exhaustion and worry. So many tough discussions with people who didn’t want it to happen.

 And then, after my second serious head injury last September, I got myself together enough to actually produce this memoir. I am certain this would have never happened without the encouragement, support, and assistance of Mike and my friend Ann Harbour up in Fort Collins. She created all of my amazing covers out of thin air. Three cheers for Ann!

Here’s a link to it on Amazon!

Please write a review. I’d love to hear what you think!

11 thoughts on “Hallelujah! My new book is finally out!

  1. Thank you all for responding to this announcement. As it turns out I am still hassling with my printer and Amazon to get it into distribution. If that takes too long I’ll sell you a copy myself! It appears that Amazon actually hates authors! How ironic is that?


  2. Hi Laura,
    I was just thinking of the need to get readers excited about my upcoming ebook when I saw your blog post. My publisher wants me to get people excited before I have a link to the AKP, but if they want to buy, they won’t have a way.


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