Saying goodbye to the Midlife Crisis Queen

It seems a few major changes are all coming together for me right now.

memoir of retirement 2016My new book about our move from Fort Collins to here is out!  Please considering buying it. It’s a FUN read! Then write a review on Amazon to share your opinion with others. What I do here is for me, but also to inform others of the challenges and rewards of changing lifestyles in retirement. And while you’re changing, passive solar is a great way to reduce your heating bills!


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My other major change is the demise of my original blog: Midlife Crisis Queen. To explain what it feels like to remove eight years worth of my writing from the Internet is difficult. Here’s something I wrote back in March of 2015 when I officially switched over to this new blog:

“After over eight years of maintaining this blog, not to mention a number of others, I am tired. In those eight years I have also produced a number of books and e-books to help others survive and thrive through what can be some tough middle years.”

When I started out as a writer I was full of ideas and zeal for so many different projects. It was like I was finally set free to express myself on a larger stage, and express myself I have. I am proud of my many accomplishments. I am also tired.

I have done what I can to encourage those who struggle with midlife change, those who wish to transform their lives into exactly what they have been dreaming of for decades. In that process I have also transformed my own life into exactly what I wanted back in 2004.

Soon I will be 60, living a new dream in our lovely mountain home. I am clearly in midlife no more, and I can feel a change coming over me. I no longer have the energy nor desire to try and save the world. I have lost interest in that pursuit. I can feel a future of quiet meditation and contemplation coming over me

Changing the way we see midlife was obviously a ridiculous goal to begin with, but you have to understand, I am an Aries, and that means stubborn!

I know I have reached hundreds of thousands of you with my blog posts, and thousands with my books. Some have shared with me the value of my efforts.

Thank you for letting me know I have made some difference in your life. It has been my pleasure.  Please keep reading my books, following our adventures and, most importantly, keep making your own dreams come true!


12 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to the Midlife Crisis Queen

  1. I am all the way through my own midlife and am now looking at the winter of my life coming soon. For as long as I can, I will read the blog posts of those who inspire me, and you are certainly one I cherish! I’m not sure when you came into my life, but I am glad you did. And thanks for staying around! 🙂


  2. I am facing a similar dilemma. I have two blogs, and now two new books. I will retire and transform into I mourn the loss, look forward to the transition, and celebrate my “new author” role.

    Congratulations to you.

    I’m a bit ahead of you, age-wise and certainly don’t consider myself a mid-life blogger. I hate the cold of winter, so I’m going with a sports metaphor: I’m a writer in the 3rd quarter. (Still lots of time left.)


    • Ha Adela! Your comment reminds me of a funny quote from Truman Capote: “Life is a moderately good play with a badly written third act.” I will say my writing has improved greatly, and my older blog posts prove that! Best to dispense with the evidence I guess. LOL!

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  3. It wasn’t a ridiculous goal to think you could change the way we see midlife!!! Please don’t feel that way!! I guarantee you’ve changed the ways people have looked at and felt about a particular situation. I’m 60+ so I understand about being in a different space and wanting different things. I hope you’ll continue to challenge yourself. It’s part of what keeps us healthy. Brenda


  4. Congratulations on your book being published. I’m 63 and my energy levels (physical and mental) have definitely changed. I’m more interested in contemplating, and less interested in some of the things that used to bring me pleasure. I do intend to keep challenging myself in some ways and I know you will, too.


    • Yes, I have been following you Ellen for at least five years now. You provide a wonderful service to your followers. Please be sure to inform them about how common lung cancer is as we age. Tell them to get lung x-rays regularly after 55 or 60! I am learning more than I want to know about that one now…


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