CBC Transdermal Compound

How many useful and important healing plants are we missing out on because of our narrow-mindedness? With so much confusion and down right lies and false advertising about the abilities of compounds containing THC or non-THC Hemp and their medicinal qualities, I thought I might add my two cents here. I will receive no compensation for this personal opinion.

I decided to do my own experiment recently with an irritating spot of arthritis on one of my knuckles. First I tried some locally produced arnica salve. I put it on the sore spot and rubbed it in good and then waited 30 minutes. Nothing changed. The joint still hurt just as much.

Then I tried some Hemp-Eaze, “a handcrafted infusion of fine cannabis root, burdock root, comfrey root, hissop leaves, sage, lavender flowers, lobelia…” but no THC. I put that on my still sore finger and waited. No change after over an hour. I know some of these treatments take a few applications, but I wanted to see what they could do with just one.

I have had a bottle of Mary’s Medicinals CBC salve for a year or so, so I tried that next. Mary’s Medicinal CBC Transdermal Compound is described by them as a spot-specific balm formulated to allow for much deeper penetration than traditional cannabis topicals. It features a 100 mg blend of THC, CBD and CBC. This company was recommended to me as a trust-worthy industry leader with high-quality and effective cannibis-derived products.

I rubbed some into my knuckle and presto change-o no more pain immediately! I was surprised! How could something work so quickly?

Then I got interested in this stuff. Over a week ago I did a face plant in my garden onto a brick. Please don’t try this at home! I split my lip badly inside my mouth and my nose, cheek and chin looked terrible. After my scabs healed I put some CBC ointment on the beginning of my scars.

I also tried some on the wrinkles under my eyes. Now be careful with this stuff. It does contain menthol so keep it a ways away from your eyes, but I have found it really helps with the swelling under the eyes!

I’m not much for miracle cures. I am a skeptic at heart, but seeing and feeling is believing for me! Since this does contain THC, you can only purchase this in states that allow the sale of cannabis-derived products.

4 thoughts on “CBC Transdermal Compound

  1. I’m absolutely a believer that ‘nature has the cure’. You just have to find it. And you did!
    We have cannabis-derived products here in Canada. I must look into this product!


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