My Next Project: A Journal of Retirement


I’m just beginning to get excited about writing my next book! This week I started collecting all that I have written in the past few years, and enjoying (in retrospect!) the process of how our retirement came about. Retirement for us was a bit of an ungraceful process, sort of like that joke about making sausage, but it happened all the same and most importantly, we survived!
It’s surprisingly fun and funny reading my old entries about trips to Ecuador, renovating our old house for sale, falling down the stairs, etc. I would guess this could make for some interesting reading for those who are just beginning to consider their retirement options.


Mike fooling around down below!

I have decided to write it in journal-style, much like if the reader was reading my diary, as it happened. I have always enjoyed the intimacy of books written in this style.

IMGP4580This book will answer such questions as when and why did we first get interested in moving to Ecuador? Why did we lose interest? How did we decide to check out southern Colorado as a site for a solar home? How did we choose the architecture of this home? etc.

Basically this will be a summary of how this wonderful place all came about for us. How did we end up here, doing this at age 60?

I am filled with gratitude that I can now live like this forever.  Please go learn more about our move from Fort Collins to here in my new memoir!

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”  –  David Bowie

8 thoughts on “My Next Project: A Journal of Retirement

  1. Reading your book as written in a diary would be my favorite way to read. I didn’t even know about your interests in Ecuador. If you feel comfortable in sharing the financial aspects of your endeavors, that would add valuable possibilities for your readers.

    Thanks for your upbeat, fun writing attitude.


  2. Thanks Barbara! I won’t be writing about our retirement life, but rather the ungraceful way we ended up here. It’s a fairly wild and crazy way to approach the rest of your life, believe me! But ever since my midlife crisis around age 50, I have found change usually improves my life….my heart is open!


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