Photography by Laura Lee!

Let me begin by saying, I never thought of myself as a “photographer.” What does that even mean? We all write but few of us are “writers.” When I began writing professionally I had no definition of “writer.” Then I read an article in a writing magazine that said, a writer is someone who sits down everyday and writes. That was me.

Now I find I am constantly taking photos from our foothills ridge simply because they need to be taken.

I mean how can you watch scenes like these everyday and not want to preserve them for others to see?

Since I started taking photos like this, I have posted quite a few on my Facebook page. Yes, everyone seems to love them, and a few have encouraged me to begin selling them so others can enjoy…

the views we enjoy everyday.

So here I am, launching myself into a whole new area of endeavor. I have so much to learn about lens and filters and everything else, I’ll admit that.

The East Peak through the lilac trees!

But life is for learning, right?

2 thoughts on “Photography by Laura Lee!

  1. We never know the directions life may lead us in, do we? You have some fantastic scenery and if you enjoy photography, I think you will find it rewarding in spirit. Hopefully it will be rewarding to you in photography, too. There are various blog challenges involving photography – I think you will have no trouble finding them. One I participate in, Skywatch Friday (you can get the link from one of my Friday posts) has a number of participants who sell their photographs professionally. I also suggest watermarking your photos in some way to prevent them being used without permission. Good luck!


  2. Your pictures are stunning. I use landscapes for all of my Fun Facts so I’ve seen quite a few these are great. I don’t know about photography either, but I did take some online courses at a website called Shaw Academy you might try that. You should also start using Instagram. It’s the best for images like this.


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