One boomer’s ridiculous dilemma: Beginning to spend all of that saved up delayed reinforcement!

As many of you know, my health has been failing for the past few years, and with one additional serious concussion in April, it appears clear, at least to me, that it’s time. Time for what? Time to begin spending all of that “delayed reinforcement” from the past 45 years of my life.

If you’re anything like me, you have been saving money for as long as you can remember. Why? I guess because I was completely brainwashed in the cradle to save up for my old age. So, exactly when does that “old age” begin? Strange to say, I don’t find myself as the best judge of very much lately, not with this many brain injuries! But I am fairly clear I not going to be living forever and also not sure how long my brain is going to last. One fun fact I learned recently:

Head injuries accelerate aging: “The current state of the literature provides support for the argument that TBI can result in diminished cognitive reserve which may accelerate the normal process of cognitive decline, leading to premature aging, potentially increasing the risk of dementia.”

That explains a lot! The irony in all of this is not lost on me (yet!) I have always prided myself on my excellent brain. Now what? Is it really time to begin spending my wad? I find that hard to believe and even harder to do…

When you have spent your whole life trying to save money, how do you suddenly cut loose? It’s kind of the opposite of the poor guy winning the lottery. Of course he’s going to overspend immediately, but everything in my background suggests that holding on to money is your best avenue to happiness. I know that if I don’t get some big trips planned I probably won’t be taking them. How do I loosen the purse strings? How do I give myself a luxury vacation?

I know, most of the human beings on this planet would like to have such problems, but there it is…

8 thoughts on “One boomer’s ridiculous dilemma: Beginning to spend all of that saved up delayed reinforcement!

  1. Saving has always been challenging, but looking down the road (not far!) to my husband’s retirement, and my
    “downsizing” my work, I don’t want to spend that nest egg!


  2. I completely understand. I was chatting with a friend about buying something full-price instead of waiting for it to be on sale. She felt so guilty, but she loved it and worried it wouldn’t be left in her size if she waited. I was the same way with some shorts this spring – last year I waited and when the sale was on, not a single pair in my size left! Besides waiting for sales, I still cut coupons, won’t buy the most expensive dinners on the menu when we go out (nor the more expensive wine), and got the mid-range priced new car. When we travel, I find low cost options. I’m not at all sure how to shift into a spending mode. I don’t even have the excuse of kids to leave the money to (my mom’s continued excuse for her cost-cutting lifestyle.) I’d love to do a luxury vacation but doubt I could get over the price-shock during planning!


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