Creativity and Memory Loss

I heard the most amazing statistic the other day on the PBS News Hour:

Creative artists experience 73% less memory loss and Alzheimers than others!

I believe it too! For me, creativity has been the key to maintaining the memory I have left after a traumatic brain injury ten years ago and 2 or 3 concussions.


Photography, writing, interior design, and gardening are the areas I love to explore in a creative way. Creativity seems to truly relax my mind and let it flow in its own way.

The wonderful monsoon rains we have been experiencing since our Spring Wildfire the week of the 4th of July have done my garden a world of good! Plus Mike has been helping out building retaining walls in the garden.

right on the edge of a hill facing the Spanish Peaks, so we have to build it up or it will all wash away eventually.

nice garden scene at comanche drive

I’m now working on rebuilding the garden after the terrible drought we had here all winter and spring. I took another trip over to see my friends at my favorite hangout, Perennial Favorites near Rye, Colorado. They pointed out a few plants that seem to not interest the deer around here, so now I have a lavender Hyssop plant, Russian sage, only the yellow yarrow not the other colors, etc. They were so kind. They gave me two free plants because of our evacuation situation.

With all of the the rain we’ve been getting (over 3 inches so far this month!) and the cooler temperatures I enjoy working outside again. I have new garden hope!

BEAUTY is the GARDEN where HOPE grows!

6 thoughts on “Creativity and Memory Loss

  1. Hi Laura Lee! Your new garden looks beautiful. So glad to hear you are recovering from the fire and are filled with hope. Gardens do that don’t they? I love the quote, “Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden.” –Robert Brault ~Kathy


  2. For just a moment, I thought you had had a repeat of last years fire! I thought: Not two years in a row!
    Then I looked at the date. 🙂
    I hadn’t heard about the creativity/memory loss research. But it just makes sense, doesn’t it? You use a larger portion of your brain when you are creating. I know when I am crafting a story, my entire being seems to be involved.
    Back to crafting…
    I absolutely love your garden and your view. I think location alone would get those creative juices flowing! 😉


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