Hip Hip Hooray! There’s joy in everyday!

Spending time with my parents last week was a timely reminder to me that I must work to find joy everywhere, in spite of physical limitations. Yes, there are a number of irritations in life that must be dealt with, but be sure and find the joy too, or before long it will all seem like a pain in the butt!

For example, the double rainbow last evening!

One thing I always notice when I visit other people’s home is that their windows and views of nature are so limited compared to ours. We have a passive solar home so our south-facing windows cover the wall. I am constantly looking outside here. That is where the action is…

Sometimes a Road Runner will amble up to look in!

Our sky garden is always a good place to observe birds, lizards and occasional deer coming up for water…

and the clouds around here always present something new and interesting!

Find the joy & gratitude YOU need to keep going! That’s what life is all about!

2 thoughts on “Hip Hip Hooray! There’s joy in everyday!

  1. I sure envy you your view. Absolutely stunning!
    Husby and I built an underground home in Fort Macleod, Alberta in years gone past. It too had an entire south wall constructed of windows. Sadly, I never got to live there. It was still under construction when Husby and I moved to Northern Alberta. Sigh. We’ve been told that the people who bought it from the people who took it from us have built a home–a normal, albeit somewhat staid home–on top of our structure. I’m not sure, but I think our home is now their basement?
    We were too broken-hearted about the whole transaction to ever go back. Sigh.
    So I will revel in your view and dream of things-that-might-have-been! 🙂


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