Thank you readers!

As one more year slips away, I wish to thank all of you who come by here occasionally to see what’s happening in Mike and I’s life. I know we are not action-packed, just 65+ers surviving day by day…

You may sometimes wonder why I write here. The best reason I can think of is to keep myself going. As most of you know, I have been slammed with health problems in the past few years, and the truth is, I don’t know how much longer I can keep writing, but it gives me meaning every time I do it. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother. Don’t worry, I am NOT trying to be an ‘influencer’ here.

In return for your loyalty, I will share a few of my favorite T-shirt sayings I have seen lately. I don’t wear T-shirts, but if I did, these are the ones I’d choose. Perhaps you can relate to a few of them:

From years of living alone:

Sometimes I talk to myself, then we both laugh & laugh!

A Rasta Special:

All dogs are therapy dogs. Most are just freelancing.

From the therapist in me:

Keep talking. I’m diagnosing you.

From the writer in me:

I’m silently correcting your grammar… (And also noticing all misspelling everywhere!)

From the analysis paralysis in me:

Hold on. Let me OVERTHINK this…

And my favorite doormat:

Come in. We are awesome!

7 thoughts on “Thank you readers!

  1. I love your T-shirt sayings. My favorite is: I’m silently correcting your grammar. At least most of the time I’m silent. And my family and friends are grateful that I’ve finally begun to show restraint. LOL


  2. Oh these T-shirt sayings are GREAT! The grammar one is definitely me…
    I love our visits! And the glimpses of your beautiful mountains just renew me!


  3. I so want the one about being an over-thinker! I actually enjoyed reading t-shirt sayings in the Christmas catalogues we got. (Yes, we still got some printed ones!) I doubted I’d ever wear them…. but I might wear the over-thinker one! Happy New year to you!


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