The BIG Decision: Retirement Options

Should I stay or I should I go? — The Clash

For many, the decision of how to handle the freedom from having a specific job in a specific place can be daunting. For one thing, most of us have never faced such freedom. Most of us have lived where our job was for decades and made do. Perhaps we came to love our home, our neighbors or our general situation. Perhaps we dislike major life changes. That wasn’t us. Mike and I had been thinking about getting out of the city for decades when the opportunity arose to do just that.

Home Sweet Home before the move

That is not to say the choice was simple. There are so many factors to consider. Closeness to family and friends, expenses, how much we like or dislike the unhealthy aspects of city life. Besides the unhealthy air for someone with COPD, I discovered as we thought about it, that I did not want to spend another minute sitting at stoplights when I had so little life left. I hate wasting time! Yes, the decision probably won’t be easy, but it must be made either way.

My own uncertainty five years ago at this time, as we prepared our lovely suburban home for sale, did create great stress in my life. About this time the end of May 2014 we had a buyer set up for mid-June, but no place to move to in Walsenburg! Yikes! Remember, once you make that tough decision, you need to accept all the major stressors that come your way after that. And we were also preparing to build a new home in a rural area where good workers are hard to find.

Our view today!

Yes, I remember it all just like it was yesterday. At the time it often felt like too much to bear. And yet, the rewards have been so worth it. Now I’m certain we made the right choice for us, but there were many times I doubted every decision we made. So much easier to stay in the same home and hope for the best, but then you will never know the rewards of moving on and choosing something completely different!

In the summer of 2014, Mike and I sold our nice house in Fort Collins to move temporarily into an old miner’s home in Walsenburg, while constructing a passive solar home near the top of Navajo Ranch Estates west of Walsenburg Colorado. To learn more about downsizing to a tiny town and then living in the Colorado countryside, consider reading my book: A Memoir of Retirement: From Suburbia to Solar in Southern Colorado available from Amazon or directly from me at:

8 thoughts on “The BIG Decision: Retirement Options

  1. I’ll have to check out your retirement memoir. I retired early from my full-time job and never looked back. I’m so glad I can enjoy these years as I’ve noticed since I turned 60 that have more health problems. So glad I don’t have to worry about the stress or pressure I felt during those 35+ years of corporate work.


  2. I’m so happy to be doing the work I love, as much or as little as I want to do.
    We are thinking of moving, the hassles involved have stopped us for 5 years but now we’re getting serious.
    Our son is building a house in rural Colorado, we are thinking about it too.


  3. Great post! I’ve lived in Philly for almost 20 years. I should have moved 5 years ago. As you stated, there are major stressors involved in packing up and moving. Hence the reason I keep putting it off. I’m glad you got the courage to move ahead, and I’m happy it worked out for you. I hope to have similar results soon!


  4. That house you sold is very pretty. Moving is a big stresser for sure. I am happy to stay where I am in the house I’ve lived in for about 35 years. We each have our own needs and plans.


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